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Our Student Services

The list below is examples of different accommodations.  Remember every student is unique so their accommodations will be unique to them. The Office of Accessibility Resources and Services (OARS) offers the following services to students who register with the office:

Alternative Testing
Some students will need to take their tests in a non-traditional format. Modifications may include extended time, private rooms, reader, scribe, or use of word processor for essay examinations. Documentation must verify the use of special accommodations.
Academic and Organization Assistance
Students registered with the Office of Accessibility Resources and Services may have unique learning styles. Students are taught how to adapt their specific learning styles to their academic course work.
Adaptive Technology/Computer Services
The Office of Accessibility Resources and Services offers a wider range of adaptive equipment, such as voice-synthesis/recognition software, screen-readers, assistive listening devices, Braille translation/printing and books/ documents scanned to electronic text format. Adaptive equipment can be used in the Office of Accessibility Resources and Services, campus computer labs and classrooms.
Advocacy Assistance
The Office of Accessibility Resources and Services staff members are able to serve as advocates in instances where students and college officials have concerns regarding the appropriateness of services and/or accommodations. In addition, a formal grievance procedure can serve to resolve disability-related complaints. Students are encouraged to see an Assistant Director/Director of the Office of Accessibility Resources and Services if additional information is needed.
Interpreter Services
The Office of Accessibility Resources and Services offers a range of services for students who are deaf or hard of hearing to include interpreting, captioning and note-taking services.
Note-taker Services
Note taking is available as needed
The Student Success Center offers free tutoring for all students in 100-200 level courses. The Office of Accessibility Resources and Services staff works with students on study skills and time management techniques, specific to that individual’s learning need.

Additional UNC-Greensboro Services For Students With Disabilities

Academic Achievement Center

Forney Student Success Commons Room 114 / 336.334.5582.
The Academic Achievement Center challenges students to become independent and successful learners. We provide Tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, and Academic Skills development. For more information about these services, please visit their web site at

Admission Office
Visitor Center | 334-5243
Admission to UNC-Greensboro is competitive and based on academic qualifications. People with disabilities apply and are considered for admission in the same manner as other applicants. No pre-admission inquiry regarding disability is made. Students may wish to take the SAT and ACT on an untimed basis, if warranted by their disability, as this may serve to provide a better estimate of ability.
Career Services Center
EUC | 334-5454
Career Services’ counselors can assist students with choosing a major, assessing your skills and interests, exploring how your disability may impact career plans, arranging internships or finding summer jobs. A career counselor trained to assist students with disabilities is on staff.
Counseling And Testing Center
Gove | 334-5874
The Counseling and Testing Center provides professional counseling services aimed at helping students gain a better understanding of themselves and their opportunities. Personal counseling and psychotherapy are available.
Dean of Students Office
EUC | 334-5514
Dean of Students Office (DOS) works with students, their families, faculty and staff in creating and sustaining a culture of care at UNC-Greensboro. The DOS staff helps to address a myriad of issues and concerns that affect students, faculty, and staff on our campus. Some of the matters frequently addressed by DOS include but are not limited to: emergency management, incident reporting, supportive services (i.e. retroactive withdrawals, suspension, grade, and refund appeals), discrimination complaints, and conduct/academic code concerns and/or violations.
Dining Services
University Dining Center | 334-4101
University policy requires that all students living on campus contract a dining plan. If a student has a dietary requirement, every effort is made to meet the student’s individual need. The director of Dining Services should be contacted for additional information concerning this service.
Housing & Residence Life
Ragsdale/Mendenhall Residence Hall | 334-5636
Housing and Residence Life facilities are traditional and suite style. Students who plan to live on campus and need accommodations should speak with Housing and Residence Life and the Office of Accessibility Resources and Services. For more information refer to Housing and Residence Life website at and the Office of Accessibility Resources and Services Disclosure Form at
Leadership and Service-Learning
EUC | 256-0538
Leadership and Service-Learning offers a range of programs for students who are interested in developing leadership skills, and volunteering in the UNC-Greensboro/Greensboro/Triad community. For more information on upcoming events, go to
Library Services
Walter Clinton Jackson Library | 334-5655
Jackson Library is accessible at the north side of the building and through the Elliott University Center connector. The Superlab is equipped with software such as JAWS, Kurzweil, Read & Write Gold and Zoomtext. Students are encouraged to make an appointment through the Circulation Desk when library assistance is needed in the stacks.
Modified Foreign Language Program
MHRA | 334-5358
The Department of Romance Languages offers a Modified Foreign Language Program to students with documented learning disabilities and students with demonstrable longstanding difficulties learning a foreign language. The class is designed to meet the needs of at-risk foreign language learners with accommodation for their special needs. Students agree to a rigorous commitment to the program. An application is required to participate in the program.
Parking Services
Walker Parking Deck | 334-5681
All students are required to purchase parking permits. Students who have a “handicapped” emblem are allowed to park in any legal parking space on campus, as well as those designated for the disabled, as long as a campus parking permit is displayed. Students are required to register their handicapped sticker with Parking Services upon registering for a UNC-Greensboro sticker. UNC-Greensboro Campus Access Maps, with the designation of University building accessibility and best wheelchair routes, are available from Parking Services, Campus Security, or the Office of Accessibility Resources and Services.
Campus Recreation
412 Student Recreation Center | 334-5924
The Department of Campus Recreation is to provide intentional experiential opportunities for students and the UNC- Greensboro community that promote healthy behaviors and foster student development.
Speaking Center
MHRA | 256-1346
The Speaking Center assists students in preparation and delivery of speeches. Students can work with staff individually or attend various workshops throughout the semester. A list of current workshops and operating hours is located at
Student First Office
Forney 101/334-5730
The Student First Office serves as an academic one stop-shop for assisting students with academic advising, academic recover, academic transition, appeals, and graduation planning.  Additionally, the office is the centralized academic advising center for all exploratory (undecided students at UNC-Greensboro.  For more information, please visit their website at .
Student Health Services
Gove | 334-5340
Student Health Services provide therapeutic and preventive healthcare to students. Regular clinical and pharmaceutical services are available during posted hours. A health educator is available to and provide information concerning a variety of health-related issues. Students with disabilities or special medical concerns are encouraged to make these known to Student Health personnel.
Study Abroad
Foust | 334-5404
The Study Abroad program offers UNC-Greensboro students the opportunity to study for a semester or an entire year in over 35 countries. For further information contact or
TRiO Programs
          Forney Student Success Commons Room 214
The Office of TRiO programs currently houses Student Support Services (SSS) and the Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program. These are federally funded programs that serve undergraduate students who are first generation, low income, students with disabilities (SSS), and/or Black/African-American, Hispanic/Latinx, Indigenous, or Pacific Islander (McNair). To learn more about these programs, please visit their website at
Writing Center
MHRA | 334-3125
The Writing Center offers UNC-Greensboro students individual assistance. Students can use services in each phase of their writing assignments. Services are offered on a walk-in basis. A schedule of operating hours is located at