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Simply log into the OARS Portal, complete and submit the New Student Welcome Form! After filling out the form, We’ll schedule a virtual or in-person consultation, at your convenience. 

Students requesting disability accommodations self identify to OARS by completing the Welcome Form. Relevant and appropriate documentation may be uploaded in the following ways:

  • Via the Welcome Form in the OARS Portal
  • Under the Student Files section of the OARS Portal
  • Submitted in person to the OARS Office (located in EUC 215)
  • Sent via email to
  • Sent by fax to 336.334.4412

Students facing barriers to obtaining documentation in a timely manner should meet with OARS to determine if provisional accommodations are reasonable in the interim. In cases where documentation is deemed insufficient, updated information may be needed. OARS may consult with appropriate university professionals when necessary for assessment of reasonable accommodations.

How to Log In to the Oars Portal

You can log into the OARS Portal using your UNCG credentials and complete the two-factor authentication.

How to Upload Documentation

Log into the OARS Portal You may upload any documentation with the Welcome Form or send it separately via the “Student Files” icon.

No documentation available? Let’s talk about potential provisional accommodations while we work to gather documents. 

Ways OARS Can Help You

The list below is examples of different accommodations.  Remember every student is unique so their accommodations will be unique to them.

Accessible Testing

Some students will need to take their tests in a non-traditional format. Modifications may include extended time, private rooms, reader, scribe, or use of word processor for essay examinations. Documentation must verify the use of special accommodations.

Academic and Organization Assistance

Students registered with the OARS may have unique learning styles. Students are taught how to adapt their specific learning styles to their academic course work.

Assistive Technology

OARS offers a wider range of accessible technology, such as voice-synthesis/recognition software, screen-readers, assistive listening devices, Braille translation/printing and books/ documents scanned to electronic text format. Accessible Technology can be used in OARS, campus computer labs and classrooms.

Advocacy Assistance

OARS staff members are able to serve as advocates in instances where students and college officials have concerns regarding the appropriateness of services and/or accommodations. In addition, a formal grievance procedure can serve to resolve disability-related complaints. Students are encouraged to see an Assistant Director/Director of the Office of Accessibility Resources and Services if additional information is needed.

Interpreter Services

OARS offers a range of services for students who are deaf or hard of hearing to include interpreting, captioning and note-taking services.

Barrier Removal

Students may not be excluded from a requested course offering, program or activity because it is not offered in an accessible location. New construction will be planned in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines or the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards.

Any student wishing to address issues regarding physical barriers should meet with OARS.

Feel Like You are Not Receiving Your Accommodations?

The Grievance Process can help students who feel as though their accommodations are not being met.

This grievance procedure applies if:

  • A student is denied accommodations, or
  • A student believes the final accommodations provided are not adequate, or if accommodations were not provided, or
  • A student believes, for any other reason, that they have been subjected to unlawful discrimination or a violation of their rights with respect to Title II or Section 504.
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OARS is located on the second floor of the Elliott University Center (EUC) in Suite 215.

OFFICE HOURS: 8:00 am- 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday
VOICE: 336.334.5440
FAX: 336.334.4412
EMAIL: oars@uncg

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