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UNCG will consider reasonable housing accommodations for students with disabilities. The deadline for requesting modified housing accommodations is the same as the deadline for the housing application. When the documentation shows that a private room is a necessary method of meeting the housing needs of a student with a disability, UNCG will consider exceptions to its general room rate structure unless doing so would result in a fundamental alteration to the housing program. In order for the student with a disability to be approved to receive a private room, he/she must provide sufficient documentation completed by a qualified professional addressing the student’s disability and their unique need for special housing accommodations.

Housing Accommodation Process

  1. The student must first fill out the Welcome Form on the OARS Portal using their UNCG credentials.
    • In the Welcome Form, students are able to indicate their intent to request housing accommodations.
  2. Students must also complete a Housing Application and pay the $200 prepayment unless otherwise waived.
  3. After applying for housing, a student must fill out the Special Housing Accommodation Form.
  4. Each case will be individually evaluated with respect to the documentation presented and the accommodations requested.

Emotional Support Animals

To get a special housing accommodation for an Emotional Support Animal, you need to do the following:

  1. Fill out the Welcome Form on the OARS Portal
  2. Provide documentation supporting your request for a special housing accommodation to OARS
    • Documentation letters should be on the relevant licensed professional letterhead, include how long they’ve been working with you (to demonstrate history), diagnosis (-es), information on impact of the diagnosis and recommendations they may have for barrier removal/accommodations. NC licensure information should be included unless your permanent home is in another state, in which case licensure from your home state is appropriate.
  3. Students must also complete a Housing Application and pay the $200 prepayment unless otherwise waived.
  4. Complete the Special Housing Accommodation Form on the Housing and Residence Life Website.
    • If you are approved for an ESA, you will be invited to a meeting to review and sign the ESA agreement with Housing and Residence Life. After that meeting, you will be allowed to bring the ESA to your room.

Service Animals

In accordance with State law, service animals assisting students with disabilities are permitted in all facilities where students are allowed of the university.

Personal Care Attendants

Students who need Personal Care Attendants (PCA) should contact OARS for additional information. Students Requiring Personal Care Attendants in the residence halls must inform OARS and Housing and Residence Life. A background check will be completed on the personal care attendant prior to providing access to the residence halls to comply with UNCG Policy. 

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