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Study Abroad


In order to determine what accommodations might be possible abroad, the interested student, the Office of Disability Services, the study abroad advisor, and the host institution will need to work together to assess the student’s needs and the possible accommodations. It is the responsibility of the interested student to contact the International Programs Center (336 334-5404 /

Students need to disclose their disability and need for accommodations as far in advance as possible so that there is sufficient time to contact host institutions. Once a student has disclosed, it is important for the student to meet with the Office of Disability Services early in the planning process in order to determine what types of accommodations are reasonable and appropriate.


  • Students should consult with the International Programs Center with regard to their interest in studying abroad.
  • Once accepted into the study abroad program, students should disclose their disability to the International Programs Center.
  • Students should request accommodations through the ODS.
  • ODS and the International Programs Center will gather access information and contact the host institution. Reasonable and appropriate accommodations will be provided after all parties have discussed the options available.
  • If additional accommodation needs arise while the student is at the host institution, the student will need to contact their study abroad advisor, the host institution and UNCG’s ODS. A decision will be made to determine if the additional accommodation is reasonable and appropriate.
  • When students return from studying abroad the ODS requests that they provide feedback regarding their experience and make suggestions to be used for future study abroad experiences.