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Modification of Course Policy

Modification of Course Policy should condition warrant

Guidance from the Office of Accessibility Resources & Services (OARS)

What does “should condition warrant” mean?

The occasional Modification of Course Policy (MCP), as relates to assignment deadlines, exam dates, and attendance requirements may be engaged when students with a disability experience a debilitating manifestation of their disability and are unable to meet a deadline, take an exam at the scheduled time, and/or attend class. The use of these accommodations must always be directly linked to the student’s disability. (#, see Accommodation Letter, AL)-day extensions may be needed occasionally. (#, see AL) additional absences may be needed. Either may be needed only when the student experiences a disability related flare-up, preventing attendance or timely completion of work.

Students requiring extensions for all/most assignments should explore options such as a Reduced Course Load. Planning, preparing work, and meeting deadlines is part of the expectation for college-level students. Unexpected illness or injury, recent diagnosis, onset or change in condition may warrant a withdrawal from a course or when indicated, an incomplete grade.


When engaging a modification of course policy accommodation, please remember:

  1. Communicate with instructors. Contact instructors (by phone, email, or in person) as soon as possible when needing to engage these accommodations. Include information as to when you should be able to make up the work and any information you missed.

Example:  Hello, Dr. Yinsom, I will be missing (or “missed”) your Biology 123 class today due to a manifestation (or flare-up) of my disability. I plan to get notes from one of my classmates and follow-up with you for clarification as needed.  The assignment that is due today is attached (or, “will be completed by…”, or “will be brought to your office by…”). Please consult with OARS (copied) should you have concerns regarding the Modification of Course Policy accommodation. Thank you for your support!  ~Shalon

  1. Complete all required course work. Missed class material/participation may equate to missed course work in classes where participation is part of the grade. In some cases, an alternative assignment might be considered relatively equivalent, but must be requested. Discuss with OARS.
  2. Be aware of the potential for snowballing. When deadlines and exam dates are delayed, remember that other assignments that may be due around the same time.  A need to delay due dates may result in significant amounts of work due within a short time frame. In some cases, an incomplete or withdrawal may be necessary to allow opportunity for improving health.
  3. If overwhelmed, contact OARS as soon as possible to discuss options; 336/334-5440, or
  4. Class grades based on attendance may be impacted even with a modification accommodation. Attendance and participation are important parts of learning class material.  Missing classes may prevent participation in activities that cannot be made up.  Missing vital class activities or a number of class sessions may result in a grade reduction. For some classes (such as labs), attendance may be a fundamental requirement.  When an accommodation would result in a fundamental alteration of course requirements, for which there is not a reasonable alternative, the accommodation may not be reasonable.  Be aware of any percentage of the course grade that may be based on active participation.  For some classes, excessive absences may result in the need to seek an incomplete (if the work can be made-up) or a withdrawal.
  5. If physical attendance is a consistent concern, consider taking online classes/programs.


Please communicate with OARS as soon as possible if absences and/or extensions exceed the above and/or if you believe this accommodation may be a fundamental alteration of course or program objectives/technical requirements. It is not reasonable or expected for faculty to fundamentally alter, waive, or lower essential course requirements, academic standards, or educational experiences/outcomes when attempting to accommodate extension requests. OARS should be consulted regarding course-specific adjustments.


Students and/or instructors should communicate with OARS when either have concerns about this or any accommodation or its implementation.