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The Office of Disability Services encourages you to understand the rights of individuals with disabilities.


What is my role as a parent who has a college student with a disability?

It is imperative that parents remain supportive of their students throughout the college process. This is a time for students to grow and develop their identities, and they will need a strong support system.

In high school, teachers keep me informed of how my son or daughter is doing in classes. Will a professor contact me if my student is having difficulties in class?

As adults, students are held accountable for their coursework and grades. Professors will not contact parents if a student is performing poorly in class. Students are expected to communicate with faculty directly regarding their academic progress.

Can I speak with a staff member about my son or daughter’s schedule so that I can help them plan the semester?

UNCG has academic advisors that are skilled with providing students with guidance regarding the appropriate coursework they must take. Family members may speak with the student directly related to their coursework and academic requirements. Additionally, a student may be eligible for priority registration, based on disability. Eligibility for priority registration will be determined by an ODS staff member in a scheduled meeting with the student, after they have met with their academic advisor.